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Taping Tips And Edelrid Helmet Giveaway | Climbing Daily Ep.942

02nd June 2017
02nd Jun 2017
On this week's Friday Gear Show we're getting some more taping and injury prevention tips from the German climbing team Doctor, Dr. Schöffl, as well as looking at the Arc’teryx Alpha FL jacket in more detail. Today we have a shorter show than normal as we are about to head off to Northern Ireland for the Fair Head Climbing Meet. Climbing Daily episodes from Fair Head coming soon. Great deals on Trad gear here. Watch part one of Dr Schöffl’s taping tips here. Taping Tips And Edelrid Helmet Giveaway | Climbing Daily Ep.942

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gristryne55's picture
I've really liked when you visited different factories such as kong and la sportiva. Therefore it would be cool if you looked into the production of other climbing gear (pads, ropes, helmets etc.) :)
Jun 5th 2017
Ryuk L's picture
Jun 9th 2017
Simon Thomsen's picture
I would like to see your suggestions on what to put on a standard rack for climbing alpine routes in the summer. It would do a great gearshow.
Jun 4th 2017
mbg123's picture
it would be great to see a video on which shoes suit different types of climbing/rock types
Jun 4th 2017
John Ps's picture
It would be nice if there was a video on climbing shoes, both for boulder and sport climbing. It has always been a big trouble of me: my wide feet, which do not fit in most of the shoes in the market.
Jun 4th 2017
Joe Kelly's picture
would like to see guide on gear like the OHM , thanks
Jun 3rd 2017
jessenmontgomery's picture
I would like to see a video about bouldering matts. I am curious what materials are used in their construction and how they work as well as which ones to buy and how to set up good landings when highballing.
Jun 3rd 2017
Fabio Catalao's picture
I would like to see from you a video about snow and ice protection mainly on snow anchors/deadman, snow stakes, etc as they are not often reviewed.
Jun 2nd 2017
nick.kasounis's picture
It would be nice to see a video about ropes.Diameter,number of falls and other thing should be explained.Both for sport and trad climbing. Choosing a good rope according to the needs each climber has is a very tricky part of building a rack!
Jun 2nd 2017
Tuğrul Paçacı's picture
A review on bouldering or gym shoes would be nice. With all the new shoes , need some guidance :)
Jun 2nd 2017


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