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The Battle of The Sickest Sick Sends | Climbing Daily Ep.949

15th June 2017
15th Jun 2017
It’s Sick Send time again, and we’re kicking off with a highball V8/V9 sent in by Elliot Gaunt. We’re going to show you two climbers sending the same line. It’s interesting to see their different styles. Then we have an amazing looking V9/V10 sent to us by Owen Massey. Next up, we check out the EpicTV Pick of the Week, the Cassin Eghen 22 backpack. Send us an email to climb@epictv.com with your Sick Sends. Check out Owen's YouTube channel here, and Elliot's Vimeo channel here. Check out our bouldering gear here. Find out more about the Cassin Eghen 22 here. The Battle of The Sickest Sick Sends | Climbing Daily Ep.949

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Elliot Gaunt's picture
Sweet thanks for the post, on my birthday today!
Jun 15th 2017
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