The Big Heads Crew Take Down Superpark 18 | Big Heads, Ep. 1

09th June 2014
09th Jun 2014
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The Big Heads crew is here to rock it at Superpark 18. Not your average snowboarders, these freakishly endowed shred addicts keep the noggins bobbing as they stomp some of the steeziest tricks imaginable. The heads are huge and so are the jumps and the tricks, so kick back and watch the Big Heads slay Superpark. instagram: @Shredwise, @Halloweezy, @TimHumphreys, @LilHefe, @SethDreidelHill, @JeremyCloutier, @BodyCoan, @Casey_Willax, @Cread_b, @JordanNield. Watch the original 'Big Head Boarding': Music: 'Head Trip' by Fox And The Law licensed by Audiosocket

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