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07th February 2015
07th Feb 2015
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2 Planks 1 Girl have already had a sneak preview of these skis at the Ski Test Tour in Meribel last week but this is the first chance we’ve had to get hands on with the new Zero G from Blizzard. Available in 108, 95, 85mm and a women’s specific 85mm widths, this ski is a super lightweight tourer that is ultimately about making the ski down as enjoyable as it would be on a dedicated downhill ski. Blizzard are attempting to make this miracle happen with a new carbon construction method called Carbon Drive. Carbon Drive is a 3-dimensional carbon construction method which surrounds a lightweight wooden core with blizzards favored sidewall construction method making for a ski which is lively and snappy for confidence inspiring turns, but in a package that weighs a lot less than a traditional construction ski. The Blizzard Zero G Review - ISPO 2015 | Epic TV Gear Geek

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