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The First Vlog: She's Already Annoyed

05th October 2016
05th Oct 2016
Its here! This is it, our first vlog...we wanted to show you all a bit more about us, so here we go! We are going to try and post as much as we can, but more than likely it will be once a week...in this episode, we head to the mountains to film Caroline's latest project la Voie Petit! The First Vlog: She's Already Annoyed

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Comments (8)

2 voters think this video is Epic
vitonick81's picture
Vlog 1 was great. I just watched I think Vlog # 8 first, in Japan, the hard multi. One of my favorite parts is watching you two bicker lol! I thought my girlfriend was abnormally grumpy on hikes/climbs/vacations... I see she's not the only one ;-) James, dude, keep up the "talking too much" narrative over the video. It really helps to give me context. I appreciate the insight into the life of a pro climber. I hope you guys keep making these, maybe start your own YouTube channel! Good luck with everything you two, and keep crushing!
Dec 1st 2016
Will Collett's picture
thanks for writing this. its exactly what was going through my head but couldn't be bothered to type it out.
Dec 3rd 2016
acapizzo's picture
Enjoyed it!
Oct 6th 2016
Sophia Derren's picture
Every time we leave the house I go through exactly the same thing with my boyfriend...drives me insane!
Oct 6th 2016
Hasse Samme's picture
Ha! what a combo, good work guys love seeing behind the scenes of how you guys roll!
Oct 6th 2016
carocia's picture
Ho my god.... what a great day Epic TV to post!!! today is our 3rd wedding anniversary ! but ho well, Patxi Usiubiaga had warned us:" enjoy the first six month of a relationship, because after, it all goes downhill" :)
Oct 6th 2016
Calain Bret's picture
OMG! I love you guys so much, you're like my favourite climbers! Can't wait for more of these!
Oct 6th 2016
Hugo Pilcher's picture
That was brilliant! keep em coming
Oct 5th 2016
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