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08th April 2015
08th Apr 2015
The Gnu Snowboards Zoid is a new take on Gnu's asymmetrical design philosophy. Not only is it asymmetric so has a toeside and a heelside, but this board is directional, so you have to make sure you order the correct regular or goofy version. The nose is extended and you have a much easier time floating in powder, and that odd tail shape puts all of the pop on the toeside, for monstrous pop ability. The heelside has a deeper sidecut and even has a softer wood in the core on that side (Paulownia), the toeside has a longer radius sidecut and slightly firmer wood in the core (Poplar). This means that the majority of the pop comes from your toes for more precise ollies and butters and heelside carves are much easier. With a C2 BTX camber profile putting rocker between the feet for catch free riding and easy pressing and camber sections extending from the inserts out towards the tip and tail for ollie power and precision. The Gnu Zoid Snowboard Review 2015/2016 | EpicTV Gear Geek

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