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20th February 2015
20th Feb 2015
Don’t let the plain looks fool you, the Pinnacle is one of the most exciting skis at ISPO this year, just ask Seth Morrison, or the panel of judges that gave it an ISPO GOLD award. The Pinnacle takes on the name of the award winning boots that K2 launched this season and with both products garnering awards here at ISPO, they should be something special. Coming in 3 different widths, 95, 105 and the super wide 118mm Seth Morrison signature, the Pinnacle is an all mountain freeride ski that is designed to dominate any terrain you stick it on. K2’s new nanolite konic core puts heavier, denser woods on the outside of the ski, with lighter woods in the middle. Making the ski lightweight, but allowing for high pressure to be put on the edges without the ski feeling hollow. Titanium layers in the 95 and 105mm versions add some power to the mix so these skis are light enough to not make you tired, but have enough stiffness to handle the choppiest terrain. The K2 Pinnacle Ski Video Review - ISPO 2015 | EpicTV Gear Geek

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