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The Men Behind Russia's Bouldering Revolution | EpicTV Climbing Daily, Ep. 388

21st November 2014
21st Nov 2014
Russia is not an area that you hear about much in the rock climbing media but that doesn’t mean that there’s no rock jocks there. Artem Petrakov is a super strong climber who’s recently been developing a new bouldering area in Russia called “LietLahti”, where’s he’s just put up the Country’s first 8B+ boulder problem. He named the problem “Kozhanyi Nos” (leather nose) in memory of his dog, which died on the same day as he finally sent his project. We caught up with Artem and filmmaker Pavel Isaev, who’s been filming Artem and created an amazing short film about him, to find out more about Kozhanyi Nos and LietLahti. Thanks to La Sportiva for supporting the guys and to Pavel and Artem for the interview. To watch the full video they made together, go to vimeo.com and search for “leather nose”. http://vimeo.com/111453983 To finish the week, we’ve got some huge news from Yosemite, where Tommy Caldwell has free climbed the crux 14th pitch on his long standing project, the Dawn Wall on El Capitan. Tommy broke the news by posting this photo to Instagram and it has now gone viral. This means that either Tommy or his climbing partner Kevin Jorgesen have now freed every single hard pitch on the route and are ready to attempt their long held dream of a ground up, continuous free ascent. If they do it, it will undoubtedly be the hardest big wall free climb in the World so stay tuned and we’ll keep you up to date with their progress in December, when they plan to try the route. The Men Behind Russia's Bouldering Revolution | EpicTV Climbing Daily, Ep. 388

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