The Return Of The Blizzard: Bigger, Badder And Weirder Than Ever | The Blizzard, Ep. 1

18th December 2014
18th Dec 2014
The Blizzard is back for another season and we're getting way too close and personal with Nitro snowboards' team manager to get the low down on his team while having a look at the new movie “Bad seeds” (check the whole movie here We're also introducing the brand new bails segment, “Pound of flesh”. Fall hard enough and you can win €150 voucher for the Epictv Shop, so send us your bails to This week's winner Ben Avrill takes a heavy one to the face on a rail at Mountain Creek. Yes, brother, a slam that heavy deserves a reward. To finish we have the first of 4 movie reviews - “Stay Badass” from Capita , it’s a beast of a film and available on iTunes for you all to enjoy. If you want more Blizzard head over to our Facebook for extras.

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