The Search - Stepping Stones | EpicTV Choice Cuts

02nd February 2015
02nd Feb 2015
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RipCurl has just dropped their new movie and true to form, it's feeling like an instant classic. Join EpicTV Shop team rider Sam Favret along with skiers Chris Booth and Mat Bijasson, and snowboarders Victor De Le Rue, Nils Arvidsson, Wiley Tesseo, and Emilien Badoux as they RV through the wonders of British Columbia, go one hill further on the steeps of Alaska, and seek the secret gems of Chamonix. See these areas unfold as the Stepping Stones of mountain riding. Watch the riders hop from pillow to pillow, connect the dots and create their lines in the true spirit of The Search. The Search - Stepping Stones | EpicTV Choice Cuts

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