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The Story Behind The Shot - How We Film Our Climbing Videos | EpicTV Climbing Daily, Ep. 507

26th May 2015
26th May 2015
On today's show we're taking a peek behind the climbing curtain to show you all how we go about putting together the videos we release on EpicTV. Specifically we're going behind the scenes on the final episode of our huge new series Epic Climber. This episode involved filming on the world-famous Aiguille du Midi which offered fantastic positions for filming and some added logistical challenges for our filmmakers. Find out how they got on as well as how our climbers fared when they weren't on the wall. If you're still yet to see Tommy Caldwell, Alex Megos, Hazel Findlay and Emily Harrington in action on some of Chamonix's best routes, the full series is now live on the site. The Story Behind The Shot - How We Film Our Climbing Videos | EpicTV Climbing Daily, Ep. 507

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Martin Nordstrom's picture
don't fancy being stuck on the side of a wall with camera gear getting rained on!!!!
Jun 2nd 2015
Hugo Pilcher's picture
Hey Mike, Adam is on a temporary hiatus at the moment, he will be back very soon though....in the meantime if you search 'the social' on epictv you should be able to fins all the old episodes just to keep you going! Thanks for watching
May 27th 2015
Mike Hitchcock's picture
Hey guys, is there an easy way to find all the episodes that have #thesocial? I love it, but can't find them all.
May 26th 2015
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