The Untold Story Of One Of The Most Iconic Scenes From The Endless Summer | EpicTV Choice Cuts

03rd June 2015
03rd Jun 2015
Did you ever wonder what happened to the places that Mike Hynson and Robert August visited in the The Endless Summer? The section where Mike and Robert got to a remote coastal village in Ghana has become one of the movie's most enduring scenes - Although it was filmed over 50 years ago it captures the pure essence of surfing adventure in a way that has rarely been repeated. Filmmaker Jamie Tierney always wondered what happened to that little village and what the scene was like there today. One day he packed up his camera and hopped on a plane to Ghana, intent on finding out: This is what he found. The Untold Story Of One Of The Most Iconic Scenes From The Endless Summer | EpicTV Choice Cuts

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8 voters think this video is Sweet!
Csilla Latos's picture
what a classic, well worth watching the movie too
Jun 9th 2015
Chantrey Touego's picture
If that smile on his face doesn't spread to yours too I don't think you have a soul!
Jun 9th 2015
Jeri Lange's picture
I have awesome memories of Robert August and Billy Fury. We lived next door to Robert in Seal Beach, 1957. He used to put me on his shoulder and tanden. I am sure he does not remember me, I was only nine. We would go grunion hurting with him. Nicest guys. Treated this little girl like a little surfer girl. I still love the song. He and Bill were so nice to the kids on the beach. Who knew that he would do "Endless Summer"!om
Jun 8th 2015
Terry Pierce's picture
Such a great story, finding that guy.
Jun 5th 2015
Noel Reynolds's picture
killer stuff..
Jun 4th 2015
Kelly Slater's picture
Brilliant film. Good to see more of this.
Jun 3rd 2015
Martin Nordstrom's picture
yeah, somewhere with a cool history like Biarritz would be amazing
Jun 3rd 2015
David Seckington's picture
Awesome film. Think this might be my favourite piece you guys have released. Great story.
Jun 3rd 2015
Nico Stanford's picture
Great film - the guy who finds out that he was in film 50yrs ago that has since been seen by 20m people worldwide, his face is priceless!
Jun 3rd 2015
Ted Endo's picture
surfing needs more videos like this. Would love to see Jamie to go to different, iconic places in the surf world to seen how surfing has affected them as communities.
Jun 3rd 2015
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