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The White Box Crew Bomb Huge Norwegian Whitewater | Every River, Everywhere, Ep. 8

19th September 2014
19th Sep 2014
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The White Box Magazine and Demshitz Pyranha van team joined forces and headed to Norway for the spring whitewater runs. Ride along as they pillage their way around the land of fjords, big mountains, trolls, and waterfalls... viking style. They hit some of the classics and also take on some new rivers and first descents. The trip went down around Veko 2014 and despite it being spring, it was cloudy and drizzly almost the entire time - bad for shooting. On the upside, the northerly latitudes meant tons of hours of daylight, so the boys made plenty of noon starts. Whitewater of this magnitude is never easy, though. "Every day we go on the river we carry not just PFDs, helmets, and drysuits, but rescue equipment like ropes, carabiners, pulleys and climbing hardwear for if we have to extract ourselves out of gorges vertically," said filmer and boater Adrian Kiernan. "5.10 water shoes are key to moving safely around on the slippery rocks. We also carry a break-down paddle, repair kit, first aid kit and emergency communications like SPOT." On top of all that Adrian also lugged in all his shooting gear including a Canon 7d and a GoPro Hero3+. The White Box Crew Bomb Huge Norwegian Whitewater | Every River, Everywhere, Ep. 8

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