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This Fingerboard Lets Your Mobile Monitor Your Performance | EpicTV Climbing Daily, Ep. 439

09th February 2015
09th Feb 2015
On today's show, we're profiling two of the most interesting and original climbing products to come out of ISPO 2015. Our team spent hours trawling the booths at the Munich convention centre picking out the coolest bits of kit set for release in the next twelve months. We're kicking off a week of gear coverage with two products that really caught our attention; The Edelrid 'Topper Station' and the Vertical Life 'Zlagboard.' First up is the Topper Station which offers some brilliantly engineered solutions to the major problems with climbing wall lower offs. Designed to hold ropes away from the wall, the Topper Station reduces ware on ropes as well as providing an easy and extremely safe clipping method for users. Its rotating design even ensures that twists in the rope can be unravelled automatically. Finally, we're taking a look at the Zlagboard from Vertical Life. The unique design feature of this fingerboard is that it allows you to program training routines into your mobile, which, when plugged into the board, works you through your routine by monitoring your workout via a series of sensors. As well as designing your own routines, it also comes with pre-programmed work-outs and an online performance monitoring system that allows you to compare your times with other climbers including professional athletes. It comes in a variety of sizes and even has an option that can be used with any other fingerboard. This Fingerboard Lets Your Mobile Monitor Your Performance | EpicTV Climbing Daily, Ep. 439

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