This Guy Takes Awesome Selfies While Getting Ridiculously Barreled | W.H.O. is Punk, Ep. 13

21st February 2014
21st Feb 2014
Getting tubed is hard. Holding a camera while getting tubed is even harder. Taking a picture of yourself while holding a camera and getting tubed is freaking bonkers. It also makes for some of the coolest images you will see this week. Hugues Oyarzabal is not yet known as one of the world's greatest wave riders, but he is surely among the world's greatest point-of-view wave filmers. Check out this grab bag of some of his sickest rides and best blue-steel-in-the-barrel poses from the last year. Dreamy cheek bones on this boy. Oh, and keep that window on full screen, you won't regret it.

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