This Kayaker Almost Drowns Trying To Escape A Dangerous Whirlpool In Mexico | EpicTV Choice Cuts

25th September 2014
25th Sep 2014
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Kent Bretzlaff was on a kayaking trip down the Upper Jalacingo river in Mexico when he accidentally put his boat into a vicious little whirlpool and ended up capturing his own near-death experience with a GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition. 'The rapid in the video has a nasty pocket at the bottom with sort of a whirlpool that you can get stuck in if you are not careful,' Kent explains. 'The idea is to boot the first drop, carry speed, and boot the second drop pointing straight or left in order to clean your boat out of the whirlpool.' Unfortunately, it didn't quite work out like that for Kent. Luckily, he had a very cool head, lungs of steel, and good friends on hand to throw him the float. The only lasting consequence was a touch of the tummy bug from swallowing so much Jalacingo river water. If you're thinking about paddling the Upper Jalacingo, Kent recommends staying out of whirlpools and kitting yourself out with Kokatat Ronin Pro PFD, H20-2 Paddle, Sweet Protection dry top, a Shred Ready helmet, and an NRS rash guard. This Kayaker Almost Drowns Trying To Escape A Dangerous Whirlpool In Mexico | EpicTV Choice Cuts

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In my experience getting caught in a whirlpool, I released and let my boat fill up with water while I anchored my arm into the boat and let the weight of the water and force of the current pull me and the boat out. No throw lines were available, but that's my survival story. Notice when he released, the boat filled up with water and went downstream. You aren't going anywhere otherwise. Be safe out there!
Mar 15th 2015
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