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Vlog 010 - Never let Caroline touch your rack!

13th December 2016
13th Dec 2016
It's great doing all these cool trips to awesome places around the world! Caroline Ciavaldini and I are so lucky to have this dream life, but traveling for months at a time, for bouldering, sport, multi-pitch and trad, means not only BIG bags to carry around, but also lots and lots of gear to unpack and keep in some sort of order when we do eventually come home. Once Upon A Climb's Vlog 010 is another one for the gear geeks out there, so if you are interested in how I prepare, repair and manage all my trad gear, this one's for you...

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EpicTV Shop Offers

Dragon II Cams
DMM Dragon II Cams
70.00 € now 63.00 €
Wallnut Set 1-6
DMM Wallnut Set 1-6
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Opera - 8.5mm Unicore Golden Dry
Beal Opera - 8.5mm Unicore Golden Dry
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TC Pro Climbing Shoe
La Sportiva TC Pro Climbing Shoe
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