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Vuelta al Sur | Kayak Session Short Film of the Year Awards 2015, Entry #10

22nd June 2015
22nd Jun 2015
Nice crew in big water... welcome on the Rio Baker. Follow Ron Fischer, Mariann Saether, Girogio Coldeluppi, Flo Duval, Diego Valsecchi, and Basti Striebel, down the Rio Baker, in Patagonia. Vuelta al Sur | Kayak Session Short Film of the Year Awards 2015, Entry #10

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Brian Patrick Martin's picture
Over Educated Kayak Fan
Here are 2 of the World's Greatest Whitewater Kayakers, (Don) Ron Fisher (SWI), and (if Ronda Rousey isn't) the Greatest Female Athlete in the World today...it's Mariann Saether (NOR) !! Please visit her Athlete Page and Click on the "Like" tab...thank-you in advance !! ---> https://www.facebook.com/mariannkayak/ ACHOMPLISHMENTS: 2nd overall Whitewater Grand Prix – Canada – 2014 1st Big Trick Contest at WWGP – Canada – 2014 1st Giant Slalom at WWGP – Canada – 2014 1st Myrkdalen Extreme downhill – Voss extremesport week – 2014 1st King of Asia festival – Altai, Russia – 2013 1st Branset Extreme downhill – Voss extremesportweek – 2013 2012 – ROTY – Best drop Rider of the year – 2011 Best drop of the year – 2011 Rider of the year – 2010 ROTY – Best freestyle trick – 2010 – Voted by the kayaking industry and its athletes. www.rideroftheyear.org Print media: 6 page article in “A man´s world” – Germany – spring 2014 Interview in german “Nat Geo” – summer 2013. 5 page interview in German “Fit for fun” – summer 2013. Interview in KK – Kvinner og klær – autumn 2013. 4-page article in Dagens Næringsliv – Norway´s biggest business paper. August 2011. Interview in KK – Norways biggest Woman´s magazine. 2011. “The new All-stars”. Interview in OUTSIDE MAGAZINE Dec/Jan 2003 SPORTS ILLUSTRATED USA, Full page. 23.02. 2004. “Im Rausch des Falls”. Interview German MAX, june 2004 Scandinavian Airlines Inflightmagazine, June-August 2007. Front page, 5 page interview. On all SAS`s international flights. Los Angeles Times. 4 page photo-interview. March 2005 Zine Travel, Norways biggest Travel magazine. Interview April 2009 Interview in “Mountainsport”. Printed book from Tun Publisher, Norway. September 2009 Front Cover of “Fri Flyt”, summer 2009. Norways biggest outdoorsports magazine. Portrait interview in “Dagbladet”, 22. August 2008. Norway¨s biggest newspaper. “Stepping out”, Jackson Hole News. Interview, March 2002 “En tuffing i forsen”. Interview in Swedish Skimagazine “Åka Skidor”, spring 2004 Featured in all of Norways´s major newspapers multiple times. “Dagbladet”, “VG”, “Aftenposten”, “Dagsavisen”. Film: Whitewater Chronicles – feature series on Epic TV – 2014 “Imagine” – Nuit de la Glisse 2013 “Pushing the limits” – Nuit de la Glisse . 2012. “Frontier” – Segment. Riverroots productions. 2011. “The Contact-Perfect Moment”- Nuit de la Glisse, France. Premiere in cinemas in all of Europes biggest cities. 2004. “Valhalla” – TGR 2002 “Wehyakin”- TGR 2003 “One World”- Arris Production “Dream Result” – River Roots 2010 TV http://www.nrk.no/sport/1.7406901 – First woman to successfully paddle Tomata falls, Mexico. Aired on NRK, Norways state channel Tibet Kayak misson- Aired on Gillette World of Sports 2008 Commercial for “Nature Valley”. December 2009. Airing in North-America and Europe in 2010. All major TV-stations. TV-shows filmed in Norway 2005, aired on Rush HD 2005-2007 TV-show also filmed in Norway 2005, aired on National Geographics 2005-2009 Interviews/Portrait in connection with Voss Extremesportweek every year 2006-2009. NRK. Main TV-station in Norway. 3 TV-shows for NRK 2005-2007. “Ut i naturen”. 1 TV-show for TV2 2008 “Golden Goal”. Second biggest TV-station in Norway. Competition Results 1st place Voss Extremesport week – “Myrkdalen Downhill.” 2nd place overall Whitewater Grand Prix 2014 1st place “Big trick contest” – Whitwater Grand Prix 2014 1st place “Giant slalom” – Whitewater Grand Prix 2014 2nd place Go-Pro “Time trials” – Whitewater Grand Prix 2014 2nd place “Freestyle Jam” – Whitewater Grand Prix 2014 3rd place Ottawa XL – 2013 1st place King of Asia – Altay – Russia – 2013 1st place Extremesportweek – Branset – 2013 1st place King of the Falls, Teva Extreme Outdoor Games, Italy. 2012 1st place Ula Extreme race, Sjoa, 2011 1st place Sweet Rumble, Sjoa. 2011 8th in the World Championships freestyle kayaking Plattling, Germany, 2011 4th in the World Championships freestyle kayaking Thun, 2009 1st Voss Extremesportweek Extremerace 2007-2009 (top ten Mens category) 1st Ula extremerace, Sjoa, 2009 (Top ten Men´s category) 1st Sjoa Festival Team Trials Sweet Rumble 2008-2009 1st Nordic Championships Freestyle 2009 1st Norwegian Championships 2009 2nd Sjoa Festival Sweet Rumble 2008 2nd Overall Teva Mountain games, Italy, 2006 3rd Pre-Worlds in Graz, Austria, 2003 Accomplishments: 1st female descent of Rheinfall, Europe´s biggest waterfall. 2011. 1st descent of Rio Maier, southern Patagonia. 2012. 1st successful female descent of Tomata 1, rio Alsaseca, Mexico. 1st and only female descent of Smådøla Waterfall, Norway. 19 meters. 2003. 1st female descent of “Los Alerces” waterfall, Argentina. 15 meters. 2002. 1st and only female Descent of “Nosebreaker” waterfall, Norway. 2002. 10 meters. 1st female descent of “Moneydrop”, Norway. 2008. 1st descent of “Reykjafoss” waterfall, Iceland. 2005. 10 meters. 1st female Descent of Godafoss waterfall, Iceland. 2005 1st and only female descent of Laksforsen Waterfall, Norway. 2006. Total drop of 25 meters. 1st descent of Lomsdalen, northern Norway. 2004. 3 day multiday self support through Norways most remote National Park. 1st descent of Utla river, Norways deepest canyon. 2005. 3 days self support. 1st Descent of “Big Girl”, Eidsåa river, Norway. 13 meter waterfall into a 7 meter waterfall. 2006. 1st female Descent of “Double Drop”, Teigdalen River, Norway. 12 meter, into a 9 meter. 2008 1st Descent of Rio Bravo, southern Patagonia, Chile. 2007. 7 day self support. 1st female descent of Rio Baker, Southern Patagonia, Chile. 1st female descent of “Flemmings Falls”, Lower Rauma, Norway. 1st female (and third group ever) descent of Rio Pascua, Southern Patagonia, Chile. 2006. Organizing 3 weeks paddling in Tibet, 2007. Segment in Gillette World of Sports. 1st female descent of Middle Palguin waterfall, Chile. 22 meters. 2009. 1st female descent of “Portage” on upper Palguin, Chile. 2009 Mariann Saether IS THE GREATEST !!
Aug 9th 2015
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