We Are The Faction Ski Collective #S02E02 #Bails | Epic Fails

06th March 2015
06th Mar 2015
Last week the boys at Faction skis released their latest edit, filmed mostly in the cold streets of Northern Europe (Estonia and Finland, to be exact). As usual, they were killing it - but you can't go as big as they do without nearly killing yourself a few times. Faction was nice enough to send us a copy of their video, so we have gone ahead and distilled out a little crash section for your cringing pleasure, featuring: Tim McChesney, Tom Granier, Daniel Hanka, and Etienne Mérel. These guys are putting a lot on the line to get their clips so don't forget to send some props their was on social media. We Are The Faction Ski Collective #S02E02 #Bails | Epic Fails

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