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What Does A Flash, Onsight, Redpoint and Headpoint Mean? | Climbing Daily Ep.1111

16th February 2018
16th Feb 2018
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There are certain climbing terms that are really confusing. We're here to help make thing a little bit clearer...we hope! Are there any climbing terms you don't understand? Let us know in the comments below. Amazing deals on climbing gear at the EpicTV shop here.

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Comments (1)

trulstrengerikkealias's picture
You mention in the beginning that onsight, flash and redpoint applies to boulders, sport climbs and trad routes. But I personally think it is not really possible to distinguish a boulder onsight or flash. On many boulder problems you can touch every hold without leaving the ground, making it possible to work out all the moves without actually trying it. Which basically is the same as or very close to having someone tell you how to do it. So either one does the problem first go (first time you body leaves the ground) = a flash, or one does it on one of the subsequent ties = redpoint. My 2 cents... Cheers.
Feb 21st 2018
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