Which Bouldering Matt is Best? | Climbing Daily Ep.881

24th February 2017
24th Feb 2017
For 10% off all Petzl Bouldering pads in the EpicTV Shop..EXTENDED for three more days due to a broken link. Use the discount code below at the checkout: MATTPETZL10 Today on the Friday Gear Show it's all about bouldering matts. We check out how they work, the different hinging methods, and the sizes you need. Also on today's show, we've got an exclusive discount code for the EpicTV Shop, and announcing last week's competition winner. And of course, we're showing the Climbing Daily mashup from this week's shows. Check out the Beal Air Light here. The Snap P'tit Wrap here. Or the Petzl Cirro here. Check out our full bouldering matt range here. Which Bouldering Matt is Best? | Climbing Daily Ep.881

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Comments (2)

callum.parkinson's picture
It would be great if you could do some videos of belay devices, beiners, helmets and other climbing/ top rope basics.
Mar 2nd 2017
Shaddow Ayala's picture
Protecting gritstone routes with a bouldering pad? Yeah, why not? I don't see a problem with that at all. Anyone who does have a problem with that has an ego problem. If "dumbing down" the danger is irritating the locals, I suggest the locals do me free soloing and stop "cheating" by using a rope at all.
Feb 24th 2017
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