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Why Does Climbing Have A Combined Format For The Olympics?| | Climbing Daily Ep.1252

19th September 2018
19th Sep 2018
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Grab the ultralight Beal Ghost harness here. With all the buzz surrounding the World Championships in Innsbruck Black Diamond decided to host a press conference and invited prominent members of the climbing community. The theme of the Olympic format came up, so today we try to answer your questions surrounding the decision to combine the disciplines. We also bring you all the news from the world of climbing. Find out more about the BD press conference here. Check out Cold House Media here. Why Does Climbing Have A Combined Format For The Olympics?| | Climbing Daily Ep.1252

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trulstrengerikkealias's picture
What is Olympic games? What did they do 2000 years ago? What is a natural competition? This should be the base line when introducing something new! Not what the old fascists/WW2 nazies in the committee think is proffitable... Natrual competition: 100m straight line running the Maraton hight jump lomg jump etc get my drift?!?
Sep 23rd 2018
stu_art03's picture
I'd like to see a collaboration with the guys at wrestle talk TV. They get mad numbers.
Sep 19th 2018
kylespurgeon_Da's picture
Dwayne Johnson for both!
Sep 19th 2018
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