Yes...That's A Magnetic Chalk Bag! | Climbing Daily Ep1295

16th November 2018
16th Nov 2018
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Get the magnetic chalk bag here. We get to test a lot of equipment on the gear show, but this new chalk bag from Y&Y is truly innovative. It has a magnetic closure system that ensures the chalk stays in the bag while still allowing you easy access to chalk up. We put the bag to the test in a series of 'scientific' tests at the EpicTV office... Yes...That's A Magnetic Chalk Bag! | Climbing Daily Ep1295

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trulstrengerikkealias's picture
Its obviously a really smart idea to all the times your chalk bag is open. But really, there are only 2 questio s that spri gs to my mind seeing this product: 1. How big is that opening? Large enough for a carpenter hand? 2. How much chalk is poured out when you stuff it into you backpack or pad compared to a standard chalk bag?
Nov 18th 2018
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