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01st June 2015
01st Jun 2015
The shape of the Zag Ubac remains unchanged however a new carbon construction makes this freeride ski lighter than last year while providing more grip when carving turns and blasting through all types of snow conditions. Because of its weight this ski would be a great choice for ski touring for those looking for a true freeride ski that's not too heavy. The 96mm waist makes the Zag Ubac a great all-mountain ski that leans more towards piste skiing than its big brother the Zag UBAC XL. This is a similar ski to the Völkl Nanuq but a little more forgiving. This ski has been developed, tested and approved by and for the Chamonix guides. Buy The Zag UBAC 2016 Here Zag UBAC Ski Review 2015/2016 | EpicTV Gear Geek

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