10th August 2015
10th Aug 2015
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To anyone who isn't a climber, a finger injury might sound like a fairly minor complaint but any climber who's suffered with one knows just how limiting they can be. How then do you train for a bouldering world cup while nursing one? Well, if you're Shauna Coxsey, you do exactly what your coach tells you to. 'She was always adamant that she didn't want to work with a coach...until the point that she asked me to coach her' says Mark Glennie, and it's clear that it took a fair amount of time before the pair found out how to work best together. Now however, the coach-athlete relationship functions with complete trust, and though Mark may occasionally bring in weird new ideas from other sports, Shauna is always willing to test them out; provided she still gets a cup of tea at the end of the session that is. World Cup Training With A Finger Injury | 3 Days With Shauna Coxsey

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3 Days With Shauna Coxsey

3 Days With Shauna Coxsey

3 episodes Latest 21st Oct 2015

One of the most successful athletes on the competition circuit, Shauna Coxsey, takes us along for the ride as she trains competes and crushes outside. We take a look inside her carefully regimented training regime, go backstage with her at the final round of the bouldering World Cup in Munich and join her as she winds down on the blocs of her native UK.

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