17th February 2015
17th Feb 2015

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It is an odd and unique feature of the sport of climbing that its practitioners regularly set out with the expectation of failure. Failure and the associated frustration are part and parcel of the climbing experience. For Alex Manikowski, climbing began as an escape from another form of frustration. Having lost his father to a pulmonary embolism at the age of six, Alex struggled for a long time with anger and directionless frustration. Climbing proved to be the solution to Alex's struggle and though he now fights with frustration on a regular basis, it is with a healthy attitude and an expectation of eventual catharsis. He lives for the moment when he will finally top out his long-term project 'Slasher Right' (V13/14?) in Joe's Valley, Utah and in this video from Three Peak Films, we get to see Joe at work on the line, as he reflects on life, climbing and his search for solace. Bouldering Bullet Lines In Joe's Valley, Utah | 4th Day On, Ep. 1

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4th Day On

4th Day On

5 episodes Latest 2nd May 2018

4th Day On follows Alex Manikowski, Margo Hayes, Brandon Gezel, and Diana Jenson as they climb two of the best spots in Utah, Joe's Valley and Moe's Valley. Three Peak Films has pulled out the stops and incorporated beautiful cinematography and time-lapses to tell the compelling stories of these world-class athletes. If you've ever wondered how to get strong fast, what it's like to be a full-time dirt bag, what it takes to be a teen crusher balancing outdoor climbing with competitive aspirations, or just how it feels to climb V13, tune in and check out this this great new bouldering series.

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