15th June 2017
15th Jun 2017

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In part one of our new training series with Adam Ondra, we catch up with the man himself at his home climbing gym in Brno, Czech Republic. Before rushing into a new training routine, Adam talks about the different tools and gym setups you may encounter, to give you a better understanding of what is involved. Check out our training gear here, and stay tuned for part two. Back To School With Adam Ondra | Adam Ondra's Training Series Ep.1

Series description

Adam Ondra's Training Series

6 episodes Latest 24th Aug 2017

In a brand new series from EpicTV, climbing superstar Adam Ondra takes us through the fundamentals of training and making gains in climbing. We're not all going to be able to do what Adam does in the gym, but as he explains, the basic foundations of how you approach your training are the same whether you're climbing 6a or 9b+.

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