24th March 2014
24th Mar 2014
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Being a surfer in the Pacific Northwest of the United States is far different than being a surfer on the sunny beaches of Southern California. Brutally cold winters and huge storms mean days and weeks out of the water. But when the savage elements come together the Oregon coast can magically transform into one of the best big-wave surf destinations in the world. Family man and big wave surfer Eric Akiskalian is heading to Lincoln City for what he hopes will be a weekend of giant surf. What he gets instead is local drama in the form of surf comp promoter John Force. Will their decade-long rivalry ruin what could be the waves of his life? Follow Eric, his long-time friend Keith Galbraith and the locals as they take us through all the ups and downs of chasing down that next big swell in the wild, wild west. Dry-Land Drama Threatens to Derail Incredible Big Wave Surf Session | Big-Wave Addicts, Ep. 3

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Big-Wave Addicts

Big-Wave Addicts

3 episodes Latest 24th Mar 2014

Each episode will have coverage of the amazing swells that slam the region and those that ride the monster waves in very harsh, freezing and extreme conditions. Eric Akiskalian is a 2 X Billabong XXL Big Wave Award Nominee and his goal is to ride the biggest waves he can find every year. This year he will set out to ride waves in excess of 70' while waiting for that perfect storm! Follow Eric Akiskalian, Keith Galbraith and friends as they get ready for another Fall/Winter big-wave season in the Pacific Northwest and watch their real life adventures.

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