15th December 2015
15th Dec 2015

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In Episode 2 of EpicTV's Brian Iguchi Series we hang out with the Guch as he talks us through the whys and wherefores of moving to Jackson Hole and how its mountains have formed him as a person and rider. Brian gave up everything to move to the wilds of Jackson Hole but in his own words "the backcountry is an infinite path where I could learn and grow as a rider". In so doing he has found a new avenue for both life and snowboarding, with continuing success as a happy coincidence. Many said that the move be the stick that broke the camel's back but Guch unlike many of his contemporaries is still riding strong and getting paid to do it. Is there no end to Brian's infinite path?

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Bryan Iguchi

Bryan Iguchi

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This series explores the life of pro rider and snowboard legend Bryan Iguchi in his adopted home of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. If the title of legend was to be given to one snowboarder and one snowboarder only, Bryan Iguchi would be right there at the front of the queue waiting to get the prize. He has been at the forefront on side sliding progression, from adopting the skills he mastered as a pro skater to the mountains, to putting his money where his mouth was and going all in on developing the art of big mountain freestyle. Moving to Jackson may, as Guch put it, have been "career suicide" as far as his early sponsors went but it was where he truly learned about the mountains and applying freestyle to natural terrain. Bryan play a daring hand throughout his time in snowboarding and won. This is his story.

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