20th September 2013
20th Sep 2013
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We bet you didn't even know there WAS a skatepark in Chamonix. But you'd be wrong, my friend -- we've even got a clover bowl, and here's the first video edit from this sweet alpine skatepark. Guest-starring in this premier skate video are skier Sam Favret, Adrian Poncet and many more. Check out what tricks these mountain locals have learned in the year and a half the skate park has been open. Music by local punk rock band called 95-C. Who knew Chamoniards were so rock-and-roll? Chamonix Skateboarding with Sam Favret - Chicken Curry | Chamonix So Local, Ep. 3

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Chamonix So Local

Chamonix So Local

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In their new series for EpicTV, the Chamonix So Local Boyz bring you the real feeling of living large in the Chamonix valley. Free from contracts, stereotypes and pigeon holes, these guys fly, ride and climb to their own beat. Let them take you on an adventure at altitude where the air may be thin but life is full - this is Chamonix So Local, spread the word.

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