21st February 2018
21st Feb 2018
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Grades are always hotly debated regardless if it's a 6a or 9a. Today we look at Permin Bertle's response to Adam Ondra's suggested downgrade of Meiose. As always we look at this week's climbing news and check out what's on EpicTV. Pirmin's Article here. Lisa's Articles here. Reunion Bouldering here. Scottish DWS here. Great deals on Climbing Gear here. The Great Grade Debate: Pirmin Responds To Adam Ondra | Climbing Daily Ep.1114

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Climbing Daily

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Climbing Daily - The freshest news in bouldering, sport climbing and alpinism presented by Matt Groom. Matt is a climber, mountaineer and long-term admirer of Jimmy Webb's beard. Based in Chamonix, France, he'll be bringing you all the latest from the world of climbing.

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