09th November 2019
09th Nov 2019

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Massif Seven Sisters Chalk
3.50 € 3.90 €
Friction Labs Unicorn Dust Fine Chalk
19.90 € 24.95 €
8BPLUS 100G Powdered Chalk
5.00 € 6.90 €
Friction Labs Gorilla Grip Chunky Chalk
14.90 € 17.95 €
Seven Sisters here. 8b+ here. Friction Labs here. More brands are starting to add a super fine chalk to their product ranges. Different from anything you have tried before fine chalk coats the hand perfectly and allows for superior grip and moisture absorbing properties. We look at three different chalks at three price points and discuss whether it's something you need in your climbing life...

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Climbing Daily

Climbing Daily

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