24th July 2020
24th Jul 2020

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Black Diamond 9.9 Climbing Rope
89.00 € 100.00 €
Mammut 9.9 Gym Workhorse Classic Rope
120.00 €
Tendon Indoor 10.2I
143.00 €
Beal Top Gun II 10.5 mm UNICORE Dry Cover
149.00 € 175.00 €
Beal Karma 9.8mm
79.00 € 87.90 €
Our INDOOR rope picks at the EPICTV SHOP Whether you are new to climbing or an expert, having an indoor rope is an important purchase. Having a dedicated indoor rope prologues the lifespan of your outdoor rope and can save you some money. We go through some of our favourite models and discuss the features. Check out the rest of our range of CLIMBING ROPES Thanks To Les Houches Climbing Gym (Mont Blanc Escalade) for allowing us to climb at their gym: WEBSITE FACEBOOK FOLLOW @epictvclimbing INSTAGRAM TIK TOK FACEBOOK TWITTER TWITCH THIS Is Why You Need An Indoor Climbing Rope | Climbing Daily Ep.1691

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