19th November 2018
19th Nov 2018
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Inspired To Get Training? Get going with the EpicTV Shop With a route setting style which is both technical and powerful, Jeremy Ho is always seeking inspiration from his days climbing in the desert and the mountains. His energy and enthusiasm comes from his time spent outside. He tries to bring the ideas he gets from the outdoors, to the routes that he sets at Touchstone Climbing Gym, where he is the head route setter. Produced and edited by Coral Climb Filmmaker Lucas Preti Outdoor Inspiration To the Indoor Climbing Gym, Jeremy Ho | Climbing Designers

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Climbing Designers

4 episodes Latest 14th Dec 2018

With the increasing popularity of indoor climbing, a new art form has been created, that of the route setter. With this series we seek to uncover some of the secrets behind what it takes to become a route setter and the drive and the passion that is required to set for the everyday climber and for the best in the the end of the day you never know who is going to walk into your gym.

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