23rd November 2018
23rd Nov 2018
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Inspired To Get Training? Get going with the EpicTV Shop When route setter Nohl Haekel sets a route he likes to think that the route has a mind of its own, and its important to let the route become what its meant to be, he also thinks its important to set a route for an audience, and to make sure that that audience enjoys the process and the challenge that the problem provides. This is the process that he will go through for every problem, and the reward? A smile on the face of the boulderer who has just climbed one his problems... Route Setting The Organic Way: Nohl Haekel | Climbing Designers

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Climbing Designers

4 episodes Latest 14th Dec 2018

With the increasing popularity of indoor climbing, a new art form has been created, that of the route setter. With this series we seek to uncover some of the secrets behind what it takes to become a route setter and the drive and the passion that is required to set for the everyday climber and for the best in the the end of the day you never know who is going to walk into your gym.

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