23rd January 2014
23rd Jan 2014

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This is the final of the Burton European Open Contest - the BEO business, the Burton baller boardin' bulletin, maaan! With some very sore heads and chunder stomachs on the hill after late-night parties (you've seen the dancing footage) and with Noel fading faster than a cheaply made Chinese LED lamp, we thought it was best to ask the contest web-casters to give us their call on who will win, BUT did they get it right? Well, in a nut shell NO, they did not, but that's all good because if they all got it right, we'd have to assume the contest was rigged. But it wasn't. Happy days. Lastly Henry Jackson gives us the full event recap, but not before Noel gets a snowball in the face from Team GB. Maybe it was because he is Irish. Maybe it was because he is small. Either way, he deserved it. BEO Pipe Finals and Friendly Fire Snowball to the Face | The Daily Blizzard, Ep. 21

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Daily Blizzard

Daily Blizzard

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Hi... I’m Noel and I’m Irish. Not sure why anyone would give an irish guy a snow show? Me neither, but tune in and see - it might just make you pee your pants or maybe do a face plant your on the table. Get ready, EpicTV has a new daily SNOW SHOW called The Daily Blizzard and it's jam-packed with all you need to know this winter from product reviews to rider and industry news to Rad Sh*t, or whatever our host Noel manages to pull out of his hat on the day. If you see us filming, come say hello and get involved with The Daily Blizzard here on Epic TV.

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