14th January 2014
14th Jan 2014
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The Wideboyz, Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker, are two Brits with a shared kink for crack climbing and harebrained adventures. Their two-year campaign of self-torture and masochistic training carried out in a small Sheffield basement has got them up many of the hardest trad climbing routes around the globe, including the world's hardest off-width: Century Crack, 5.14b. In part 2 of the boys' attempt at the Staffordshire Nose Speed Record things are getting desperate. The rain has moved in, the routes have gotten even greener and spongier, and Tom and Pete are soaked to the bone. Check the video to see how a long run across some very wet moors and Pete's gigantic fists help save the day. No sheep or farmers were hurt in this filming but two pairs of trousers were soiled and some lichen was unfortunately killed. Breaking a Climbing Record: The Nose, Part 2 | Don't Expect Anything Normal with Tom Randall, Ep. 2

Series description

Don't Expect Anything Normal with Tom Randall

4 episodes Latest 20th May 2014

Over the next 12 months, join pro climber Tom Randall and partner Pete Whittaker on some not-so-serious adventures in their new series for EpicTV. Expect hilarity and alternative antics as the guys pursue a life less normal and some serious climbing action as they prepare for their next big mission in the USA. As the title suggests, this is not a 'normal' climbing series about big egos and defying death (well...there might be a little of that!), rather it is a collection of fun loving films from two guys who hope to inspire and motivate you to climb, adventure and discover your own potential - your way.

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