07th April 2014
07th Apr 2014
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Ever wondered what it feels like to climb at your limit, with only a few percentage points of margin and consequences so serious that They'll scare you silly if you think about them? This video explores what goes on in the mind of a typical British climber who has gone a little nuts, or as they say in the UK, "lost the plot." Witness the first ascent footage from Tom Randall's new climbing route "Pure Now" (E9, 6c) at Millstone in the UK. If you fall on the the hardest moves then you are almost guaranteed to break your legs,your back, or die. No doubts, then, no fear either, just pure now. One Mistake on This Route Will Kill You | Don't Expect Anything Normal with Tom Randall, Ep. 3

Series description

Don't Expect Anything Normal with Tom Randall

4 episodes Latest 20th May 2014

Over the next 12 months, join pro climber Tom Randall and partner Pete Whittaker on some not-so-serious adventures in their new series for EpicTV. Expect hilarity and alternative antics as the guys pursue a life less normal and some serious climbing action as they prepare for their next big mission in the USA. As the title suggests, this is not a 'normal' climbing series about big egos and defying death (well...there might be a little of that!), rather it is a collection of fun loving films from two guys who hope to inspire and motivate you to climb, adventure and discover your own potential - your way.

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