26th September 2014
26th Sep 2014

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If it's true that you're a product of your own environment, then changing your environment means changing yourself. Whether your stimulus is visual, interactive, auditory or all three, the boys at Tempest freerunning believe in creating an optimal environment for pushing their style to the max. Plug in as Jesse La Flair and Cory DeMeyers create a world of their own through Freerunning and Parkour in a sunken city by the sea. It may not look like much, but Jesse and Cory don't need anything more than the hip hop in their headphones and the creativity in their hearts to create a classic bit of creative destruction. MUSIC BY: Hoodie Allen SONG: The Chase Is On ( Freerunning Through One of California's Lost Cities | Elevated, Ep. 4

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Elevated is the groundbreaking new freerunning series that will change the way you understand movement and the world around you. Follow world-champion freerunners Jesse La Flair & Cory DeMeyers through four unique environments as they toy with the outer limits of the human body in an effort to push themselves and adventure sports cinematography into a whole new realm.

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