03rd July 2014
03rd Jul 2014
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Epic Guff has hit 10 episodes! How? No one knows. This week's show covers all the usual nonsense, but it's climbing and BASE jumping nonsense. One thing's for sure, Ollie thinks climbing is extremely boring. You know what's not boring though? Ollie Peart, this guy has an insult and a wisecrack for any situation. Sit back and enjoy his bile slinging! The Angriest Man In Action Sports Takes Aim At Climbers | Epic Guff, Ep. 10

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Epic Guff

Epic Guff

10 episodes Latest 3rd Jul 2014

1992 Stoke Poges School sports day runner up and failed Milky Bar Kid auditionee, Ollie Peart is not only incredibly talented, but also an avid action sports fan. Film maker, beard grower but most importantly, guff harvester.

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