30th September 2014
30th Sep 2014
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A few weeks ago the Funpark Montana Snow Center in Holland hosted the annual Postland Rail Riot and the Postland Rebel Faction showed up looking to start a public disturbance! Riders descended from all over for a weekend of rail sliding, raging, and sleeping in a big pile in a very small room. Snowboarders included Dima Shubin, Kas Lemmens, Simon Houlind, Wessel Van Lierop, Jesse Agustinus, Max Zebe, Will Smith, Ollie Dutton, Len Jorgensen, Max De Vries, Dion Janse, Marius Schafferer, Shaun Murphy & Niek Van Der Velden. Analog rider Ollie Dutton was on hand to offer his expertise in both jibbing and partying, though he tells us he didn't enjoy the floor sleeping. Filmmaker Alexander Voytsehovskiy found the big fridge refreshingly easy to shoot in, given the fact that he didn't have to worry about snow falling on his Panasonic lens, he did miss the natural light though. Postland Rail Riots 2014 | EpicTV Choice Cuts

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