17th January 2014
17th Jan 2014
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Epic fact # 12: the 'B' in BASE stands for 'building'. If there is a shortage of sheer cliffs around your home, the next best thing to toss yourself off of is the roof of a 30-story skyscraper. Luckily for Russian BASE jumpers, Moscow has plenty of skyscrapers. The only problem is that it's not, strictly speaking, legal, to jump off of them. Enter 'Techno BASE', i.e., choosing a building, carefully casing the premises, then infiltrating them at the most opportune time in order to sneak up to the roof. After all that, jumping seems almost easy. The term was coined by the merrily deranged crew of Russian BASE jumpers in this video. Any building is fair game as long as you've got the brains, the guts, and the luck to get from the lobby to the top floor. But in Russia that is easier said than done. 'The guards are very hard men,' says crew leader, Oleg ParaMon. 'Unless you're ready to have your face stomped with steel-toed boots you aren't ready to Techno BASE in Russia.' Guerrilla BASE Jumpers Storm the Tallest Buildings in Moscow | Full Satisfaction, Ep. 3

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Full Satisfaction

Full Satisfaction

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What kind of emotion do you feel when you achieve your dreams? What if your dream is 4000 kilometers away in a foreign country and seemingly impossible to attain? It just makes you want it more, you'd even break the law. France. Viaducts. The highest bridge in Europe. Nothing is out of the question. This series is about catching that dream and making it reality - a reality that flies at your face at the speed of gravity and somehow makes you calm and fulfilled. Welcome to Full Satisfaction.

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