29th December 2014
29th Dec 2014

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In this episode of Goig Hoff Kurt Sorge starts out hanging with his FEST Series buddies at Crankworx Whistler and getting properly sideways at the official whip off championship. The crew then pack their bags and begin the journey back towards Retallack to session some of the largest jumps ever created from mountain bikes, but not before fitting in some more classic summer activities, like snowmobile jet skiing. Once back in Retallack and while waiting for the sun to appear the boys headed out to explored the vast variety of MTB trails and terrain that Retallack has on offer. With the jumps drying out and the sun re-appearing the FEST riders are left with just one day to session the huge sculptures that have been created. The results: one of the best riding sessions that has ever gone down in Freeride mountain biking! Kurt Sorge And Friends Ride Some Of The Biggest MTB Jumps Ever Made | Going Hoff, Ep. 4

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Going Hoff

Going Hoff

4 episodes Latest 29th Dec 2014

Going Hoff is a web series following professional freeride mountain biker Kurt Sorge (Sorgelhoff) as he pushes the sport, has fun with friends, and goes on wild adventures. Each episode will be featuring some of the best riding in the sport and characters while travelling all around the globe and hanging out in our favorite local spots. You never know what your gunna get!

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