13th February 2014
13th Feb 2014

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Welcome back to Tenerife where we are hanging with a horde of semi-feral longboarders terrorizing every road they can get their wheels on. The Spanish word of the day is 'isleño' which roughly translates to 'islandy'. As in: the chilled out vibe is very isleño. As Axel Serrat explains, this is an advantage for longboarders in the Canary Islands, because most drivers don't mind sharing the roads with them. Apparently the islanders also don't mind it when Kody Noble skates all over everything -- good news for us, he throws down starting around 6:35. He also hits a bush at speed at 9:28. It's hilarious.

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Greener Pastures Offshore

Greener Pastures Offshore

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Greener Pastures Offshore is about way more than just longboarding. The crew involved were 100% focused on creating a series that went deep within the culture of the sport, exploring local spots and highlighting underground riders from around the world who form the foundations and culture of the sport in their own particular area. Greener Pastures Offshore is a journey beyond the simplicity of pure extreme sports - it is an exploration into all aspects of longboarding and a celebration of the sport as a way of life and a universal passion: a project for longboarders by longboarders.

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