13th June 2014
13th Jun 2014
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Speedflying is one of the coolest things you can legally do in public. The Ground Effect series follows the adventures of three speedflyers, David Pearson, JW Lafferty, and Eric Steinmann, as they travel the US searching out new spots to spread their wings. Along the way they talk about their love for the sport, safety, and what drew them to flying in the first place. In this episode they are at the Soboba Flight Park in San Jacinto California, one of the only places of its kind in the States. This is likely to be as serious as you're going to see these fellas, so enjoy the explanations of what makes the mind of a speedflyer tick. Ever Wondered What It's Like To Fly? This Guy Is About To Show You | Ground Effect, Ep. 1

Series description

Ground Effect

Ground Effect

3 episodes Latest 13th Jun 2014

Ground Effect is a series about the culture, community, and adventures of some of the world’s greatest speeflyers. Meet an eclectic crew of airmen who have dedicated their lives to the art of flight and follow them into the skies. Whether you're inspired to join them or happy just watching from the safety of your desk, the speedflying life will blow you away.

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