24th January 2014
24th Jan 2014

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England never had enough tectonic activity to develop proper mountain ranges so any present day climbing expedition that strays from the beaten path is going to need a serious dose of esoterica. Enter John Arran and Shane Ohly, two adventurous climbers in search of a challenge and not scared of a little bit of chossy rock and overgrown vegetation. These two intrepid souls set out into the Peak District of northern England on a mission to climb some of the most obscure, weird, and poor quality lines in the area. And they plan to climb them all in one day. They start out slithering through a seam on their bellies and just get weirder from there. You've probably never climbed like this and chances are you've never wanted to. But John and Shane love it, especially when they finish their last route in the dead of night. Esoterica: Climbing the Peak District's Weirdest Routes | HARDXS from Slackjaw Film, Ep. 13

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HARDXS from Slackjaw Film

15 episodes Latest 7th Feb 2014

HARDXS is a 10 part series by Slackjaw Films providing a rip-roaring ride into the heart and soul of the British climbing experience. Travelling far and wide across our magical isle, we've searched out the best climbers on all types of rock in all sorts of peril. Whilst full of first ascents and hard core fear, the films also offer a rich blend of humour and touching observation - in other words vintage Slackjaw. “Mesmerising” said Colin Wells from Climb Magazine....“Amazing... sets a new standard in climbing films” said Jerry Moffat.....“I loved it” said Ed Douglaas from Climber Magazine. Big names. Big accolades. What do you think? Check it out...

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