02nd July 2015
02nd Jul 2015

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Between waking up on a boat to a glowing dawn and dark-as-black midnight fishing, William Aliotti and Teiki Ballian spend their time entirely on the waves of the Indian Ocean. William and Teiki explain the joys of living aboard a boat, hunting waves and fish. 'Every time you catch a fish you have to eat the heart…' - it’s a custom in many parts of Asia. The European surfers enjoy the early mornings and cloudy days. Teiki has a defined surfing style you can only describe as a mix of French passion and Indonesian grace. William is a European super-grommet with a competitive and fast paced-surfing style uncharacteristic of surfers from the Caribbean. Smith doesn’t leave the lip but shows us that sometimes taking things slow is just as fun. The boys surf pumping right-handers until the sun hurts their eyes and their knees stop working, the sun sets, and the sea-snakes and hermit crabs crawl back into the dark holes in the reef... Surfing Pumping Right-Handers In The Maldives | Islands in the Stream, Ep. 2

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Islands in the Stream

Islands in the Stream

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Surfing is all about opportunity and surfers are some of the lucky few who spend their lives chasing opportunity around the world. Islands in the Stream follows three different surfers on their evanescent quest through the Maldives: William Aliotti fresh from winning the Nixon Surf Challenge in Russia, Teike Bailian a underground ripper jumping ship from Indonesia, and Matt Smith a roaming Cornishman who has spent the last few months sowing seeds on the farm, ready for his return to the tropics. They're looking for opportunities, looking for waves, In what the guidebooks would lead us to believe is paradise.

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