04th March 2014
04th Mar 2014

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Jhonathan Florez is a champion wingsuit pilot from Colombia, a country where the discipline is almost unknown. In this video he heads back to his hometown of Bogotá on a simple mission: to show his countrymen what his sport is all about by flying over Monserrate mountain, one of the most iconic landmarks of the city. It's not going to be easy. Bad weather, time constraints, and low altitudes make it all feel more like Mission Impossible than James Bond. The danger runs right up till the final, super-sketchy landing so keep it locked. Director: ORUGA STUDIOS Producer: ORUGA STUDIOS Athletes: Jhonathan Florez, James Boole Sports: BASE Jumping, Wingsuit Flying These Guys Pull Off a Near-Impossible Wingsuit Flight | Jhonathan Florez Wingsuit Chronicles, Ep. 1

Series description

Jhonathan Florez Wingsuit Chronicles

Jhonathan Florez Wingsuit Chronicles

7 episodes Latest 24th Jun 2014

Skydivers and BASE jumpers live in a world apart from the land-bound. For the first time, Jhonathan Flórez takes cameras inside this tight-knit community and shows us what life is like on the edge of the wild blue yonder. Each chapter is a different look at the universe surrounding this sport and the men and women who inhabit it. Follow Jhonathan through the year as he trains, competes, and searches out the most amazing jumps in the most inhospitable landscapes, all the while indulging his passion for terminal velocity.

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