02nd April 2014
02nd Apr 2014

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Colombian Wingsuit champion Jhonathan Florez is on his way to the beautiful fjords of Kjerag, Norway to compete in the ProBASE World Cup. But if you think its just about showing up on the cliff and hucking yourself off you've got another thing coming. Jhonathan and the other pilots have to make a lot of physical and mental preparations, including studying the cliff and even a bit of morning yoga. Then, they have to boat in and hike up a cliff for two hours for every practice jump, sometimes repeating the journey three times a day. When they finally get the helicopter things improve but Jhonathan gets into a very dangerous position when he's forced to open his chute just a little too low. Don't miss the drama of the last flight! So This Is What Pro BASE Jumpers Do all Day... | Jhonathan Florez Wingsuit Chronicles, Ep. 2

Series description

Jhonathan Florez Wingsuit Chronicles

Jhonathan Florez Wingsuit Chronicles

7 episodes Latest 24th Jun 2014

Skydivers and BASE jumpers live in a world apart from the land-bound. For the first time, Jhonathan Flórez takes cameras inside this tight-knit community and shows us what life is like on the edge of the wild blue yonder. Each chapter is a different look at the universe surrounding this sport and the men and women who inhabit it. Follow Jhonathan through the year as he trains, competes, and searches out the most amazing jumps in the most inhospitable landscapes, all the while indulging his passion for terminal velocity.

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