17th December 2014
17th Dec 2014

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We join Mike Libecki, Freddie Wilkinson, and Cory Richards as they make their final bid for the top of Bertha's Tower. From their precariously high camp within striking distance of the summit, the team must forge a path through the hollow, jigsaw rock that bands the final section of climbing. Having come so far and battled not only the weather but also back-breaking logistics, they are determined to push on despite the ever-present danger of loose rock. Will they carve their names in climbing history with an Antarctic first ascent or be turned back short of their prize? The First Ascent Of Bertha's Tower In Antarctica | Katabatic, Ep. 4

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When explorers Mike Libecki, Freddie Wilkinson, Cory Richards and Keith Ladzinski set out for the Wohlthat Mountain Range of Antarctica on a National Geographic grant to climb and explore this nearly uncharted part of the world, they had no idea what they were getting themselves into. It’s nearly impossible to prepare for a place this uninhabitable, almost as impossible as the chance of being rescued if anything goes wrong. Inland Antarctica is hailed as the largest desert in the world, a nearly lifeless landscape ravished by katabatic winds that scour the landscape at over 100 mph. The team set out on a first ascent mission to climb unnamed peaks and ended up having an adventure they will never forget.

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